Maxcom Training Solutions (MTS) was established in 2015 to provide affordable and quality training services in Information Communication Technology and Corporate Trainings. MTS provides world class ICT trainings and certifications for well-known vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe and VMware just to name a few. Customized corporate trainings can also be conducted in-house for local organizations upon request.

MTS classrooms are well equipped with workstations conforming to industry standards and the environment is conducive and user friendly. The seating capacity is not overcrowded and the students will have plenty of work space to carry out the hands on trainings. Certification courses conducted by MTS will be taught by certified local and foreign trainers who have the highest industry experience and knowledge in the field. They will make sure that the subject matter is clearly grasped by the students and applied in real world scenarios and situations.

MTS will cater trainings to all age groups from children to senior citizens who wishes to make use of the current technologies to its fullest. We can prepare the school leavers ready to take up their first job, which is to have basic computer skills and competency in using the Microsoft Office package. 

In this competitive market IT professionals require both technical and management skills (soft skills) to achieve their goals and meet the organizational targets, hence MTS is ready to provide the said skill set through our resourceful training center.


Provide affordable and quality trainings in the field of ICT & Corporate management and become the undisputed leader.


To have a community which utilizes and harness the full potential of ICT and management skills to its maximum in delivering services.